EROS Comix publishes the largest roster of Japanese sex comics in these United States, and we think you'll agree that our selection is impeccable. We feature the best work from the best MangErotica available today, from KONDOM's fantasy-oriented Bondage Fairies, to the unique teacher/student relations in NeWMaN's Secret Plot, to the adventures of Ituoshi Ihsa's brazen Slut Girl, to the outrageous, over-the-top kink of Mashumaro Juubaori's Voice of Submission, and beyond. Moreover, we've worked with the original artists to undo the official censorship of the Japanese press, returning previously blurred sections of art to their original, explicit state, ensuring that the artists who publish with us here in the States can be as filthy as they want to be - and oh, are they ever....


Alice in Sexland #7
by Mashumaro Jyuubaori
A radical erotic retelling of the Lewis Carroll classic, from the twisted mind and supple pen behind Voice of Submission. You've certainly never read this version of Alice before! $3.50



Lust Volume 1
by Tenjiku Ronin
In what has got to be the most twisted MangaErotica title yet, Tenjiku Ronin stakes out the sub-basements of the human heart, venturing into the darkest realms of the imagination where you can only dream what's in store! Tenjiku Ronin writes and draws about what is not there; what can't be seen. He takes the emotions of lust and passion and turns them into a tangible force that effects the lives of his women characters. LUST is an extreme, taboo, dark and twisted trip to the nether regions of human desire. $14.95


Were-Slut #8
by Jiro Chiba
In this final chapter of Were-Slut, Toru, Kimiko's boyfriend, still does not realize that Kimiko is the Were-Slut and that she has been taking the beauty stone just for him all along. Even though he doesn't know the truth he is convinced that Kimiko is running around behind his back. Until in a final showdown with the Were-Slut, Toru realizes that Kimiko is the only girl for him. In the end, we learn that the Were-Slut was not all about sex, but about the love goes along with it. Were-Slut is truly and erotic saint in whore's clothing, a masterpiece of Japanese erotica. $3.50


Alice In Sexland #5
by Mashumaro Jyuubaori
In this issue Alice, Chessie, and Bunny meet a drunken furniture maker named Flora. Flora is the designer and builder of a very special type of furniture. This furniture is made to have sex. Be it male or female this furniture magically knows how to sexually satisfy anyone. After a messy and juicy run in with this sexually charged furniture, Alice and Chessie are left breathless while Flora pulls out her masterpiece to show the trio how it works, which rapidly turns into a sweaty sex-romp in a fantasy world of your dreams. Don't miss the continuing sex-action of ALICE IN SEXLAND. $3.50


Were-Slut #2
by Jiro Chiba
In this chapter we begin to see the transformation of shy and homely Kimiko Yamaguchi, into the beautiful and insatiable were-slut. Kimiko is given a pill, handed down for generations through her family pharmacy. The pill is mean't to, "bring out the beauty from within", and make you totally gorgeous, but the pill has a serious side-effect, it makes you need to fuck. Watch Kimiko as she takes on two teenage boys who are in seach of the legendary, WERE-SLUT. $3.50



Were-Slut #1
by Jiro Chiba
New, from the creator of "Sexcapades", comes Were-Slut. When her grandmother gives her a magic talisman to " bring out the beauty within," Kimiko, your typical "wallflower" type, with thick glasses, and no sense of style, is overwhelmed with lust, and a magical transformation takes place. Her beauty, charisma, and sexual desire are enhanced tenfold. Uninhibited and succubus-like, she proceeds to make herself a legend across Tokyo, as she haunts the parks and alleyways seducing men and women alike. As the power of the talisman grows, she becomes more and more insatiable, and events begin to spiral out of control. $3.50 $1.00!


Princess of Darkness Graphic Novel
by Yuichiro Tanuma
Maki is a luscious young woman with a secret ally - Elhazzared, an ancient and powerful spirit who's not always around to save her from being put through some outrageous sex and domination scenes! A sex-and-violence loaded tour de force! This new graphic novel collects the whole series. $19.95


Voice of Submission: Gehenna #7
by Mashumaro Juubaori
Lavishly illustrated tales of sexuality taken beyond the pale, as pleasure an pain meld into each other - if you like your sex comix on the wild side, here you go! $3.50


Voice of Submission: Gehenna #6
by Mashumaro Juubaori
a young man stumbles upon a crazed but beautiful madwoman, locked away in her sec;uded home, only to be seduced by her sex-drenched charms! $3.50